Create Autorun Menu for your Autorun CD with 1st AutoRun Express

Create a new autorun menu project from scratch

When you start 1st AutoRun Express, the following welcome screen is displayed.

1st AutoRun Express Welcome page

Select Create new option then click Next button to continue. It will open new project setup page.

Create new autorun cd project page

Adjust new project name if required, then click Next button to continue.

Now specify that you want your autorun CD to display an autorun menu and let user choose what to open.

Specify that your autorun CD will show autorun menu.

Select the corresponding option, then click Next button to continue.

Add documents, folders and web sites to the autorun menu.

Initially there are no items in the menu:

Add/edit autorun menu entries

Click Add documents to browse your computer for documents, or drag those documents from Explorer.

Edit autorun menu: drag documents from Explorer

If you select/drag one file, it will be automatically added to the autorun menu. If you select/drag more than one document, when 1st AutoRun Express will ask you, what to do with them:

Edit autorun menu: select action for a group of selected/dragged documents

If you select Add a menu item for each file then each document will have its own entry in the autorun menu. If you select Put files into a folder, then you will choose new or existing folder to put all these documents and autorun menu will display just that folder. If you select Just copy files, then files will be added to the autorun project, but not to the autorun menu. This is useful for supplementary files.

For this tutorial we will click Add a menu item for each file.

Edit autorun menu: menu items added for each document

Now click Up arrow button to move January to the top and click Preview button to preview your autorun menu:

Autorun menu with one entry per document

Now let's see how you can add links and folders to the autorun menu

Edit autorun menu: menu items added for each document

Click Add link to add web site link or e-mail address to the autorun menu:

Edit autorun menu: add new link dialog

You can also drag links here from your web browser.

Click Add folder to select a folder on your autorun CD, that will be open by a new autorun menu command:

Edit autorun menu: add new folder dialog

You can also drag folder from Explorer, to add its contents to the autorun CD and add a menu command to open this folder to your autorun menu.

Edit autorun menu: menu with items for documents, folder and a web site

Organize and edit entries in the autorun menu.

Edit autorun menu: menu with items for documents, folder and a web site

Use buttons listed below to manage autorun menu entries:

Move current menu item up

Move current autorun menu item up

Move current menu item down

Move current autorun menu item down

(In addition you may drag & drop autorun menu items to change their order)

Edit current menu item

Edit current autorun menu item

Delete current menu item

Delete current autorun menu item

Explore autorun project folder

Explore autorun project folder (very useful to add documents to your autorun menu with a drag & drop!)

When you press Edit you will get the following dialog for document entries:

Edit autorun menu: edit document menu entry dialog

In this dialog you may adjust a title displayed in the autorun menu for this item. You can select another document or test how it will start. You can click Options to edit advanced settings used to start this document, including command-line parameters, window state and shell open command:

Setup additional options for autorun document

For web link and folder open autorun menu commands you will use similar edit dialogs.

Use Add more actions button to open several documents by this autorun menu command

Once you finish with autorun menu entries, press the Next button.

Adjust advanced settings for your autorun CD

Advanced settings for autorun menu

You can click Finish to complete the process or use buttons on this page to setup advanced autorun menu options.

Click Adjust menu appearance to setup autorun menu fonts, colors, pictures etc.

Learn more about adjusting autorun menu apperance in the tutorial...

Click Adjust CD options to setup custom CD icon and title

Click Auto-install viewers to setup what to do if users of your CD will not have a necessary software to read your document. By default a corresponding page in 1st AutoRun Express Viewers Library will be displayed.

Check Auto-install viewers more in the tutorial...

Press Finish to proceed to completion

Burn your autorun menu project to CD.

Now you may burn your CD

Click Burn the project to CD to burn the CD using Windows XP/Vista burning capabilities.

Click Browse the folder with CD files to see a folder with project files, that you should burn to CD.

Click Test without burning to run your autorun menu from your disk.

Sample Autorun Menu made by 1st Autorun Express

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